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1.      Question

What programs do KUIN offers at postgraduate level?

KUIN offer various program including Islamic Studies, Hospitality and Halal Food, Medic etc.
For further details of courses, please visit CPSRP’s website (www.cps.insaniah.edu.my).

2.      Question

What is the admission procedure for postgraduate programs?

A To apply, you need to obtain the application form (available from the Centre for Postgraduate Studies, Research & Publication) form from the CPSRP Website
(www.cps.insaniah.edu.my). With regards to the other enquiries, you can visit the homepage for help. One of your referees should be from an academic institution and another from your employer. The processing period for the research programme is between 1 – 2 months.

3.      Question

Does it mean that if an applicant, fulfils all the entry requirements, he/she will be accepted to register as a graduate student?

Not necessary, for research programmes especially, it depends on the availability of a Supervisor.

4.      Question

I wish to enrol as a postgraduate student in KUIN. May I know the programs of study offered?

KUIN offers three modes of study namely Research, Coursework and Mixed Mode. These are offered in various disciplines on a full-time or part-time basis. For further details of courses, please visit CPSRP’s website.

5.     Question

I sent in my application sometime ago. What is the status of my application?


Once your application has been forwarded to the Kulliyyah/Centre concerned for consideration and a decision has been received, CPSRP will then present it in our postgraduate committee meeting for endorsement. Normally it will take 2 months for the applications to be processed.

6.      Question

 Is it possible to register for two (2) postgraduate courses at any one time, that is, by research and the other by coursework?

No, the regulations do not permit a student to enrol for 2 courses of study concurrently in this University and neither can a student be registered at any other University whilst pursuing a course of study here.

7.      Question

Am I allowed to register without a student’s pass?

As a foreign student, you must be in possession of a student’s pass before you are permitted to register as a student in Malaysia. If you enter Malaysia without hour student’s pass, a penalty of RM500 will be imposed by the Immigration Department.

8.      Question

I was offered admission as a full-time student. Can I request for a change of status to part-time?


Yes, you are allowed the change of status by writing officially to the Dean of CPSRP for approval but after you have registered as a student.

9.      Question

I am currently writing my thesis. What is the procedure of submitting thesis?


Before submitting 8 copies of thesis for evaluation, you are required to submit Notice for Thesis Submission (PIT12) at least 3 months prior but not more than 6 months. If you fails to submit the thesis in 6 month’s time, you need to get approval from your supervisor for extension and if you still not able to submit the thesis after the extension period expire, you have to re-submit the Notice for Thesis Submission.

10.  Question

I have submitted my thesis for evaluation last month. When will my viva be scheduled?


For Master students, the viva session will normally be after 6 weeks from the thesis submission and for PhD students, it would normally be after 10 weeks. However, the scheduling of the viva date also depends on the availability of the examiners and the panel. CPSRP will do our best to schedule your viva soonest possible.

11.  Question

My candidature will expires in about 4 month’s time. To whom and where should I request for an extension?


An extension of candidature must be made to the Dean of the respectiveSchools/Centre at least 3 months prior to the expiration date of the candidature. For this purpose, you have to complete the form PIT 04 which is available at CPSRP website (www.cps.insaniah.edu.my).

12.  Question

I wish to terminate my candidature. Who should I inform?


Withdrawal from continuing your studies can be made to the Dean of CPSRP based on satisfactory and acceptable reasons.

13.  Question

I wish to change my candidature from coursework to research. What shall I do?


You need to withdraw from the current programme and send in a fresh application for the new mode of study to CPSRP for consideration.

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