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Welcome to Insaniah Postgraduate International Journal (IPIJ)
The IPIJs coverage includes:-COVER JOURNAL
  • Contemporary Management Islam
  • Diversity within Islam
  • Extremism and terrorism
  • Fiqh Biah and Envirinmental issues
  • Fiqhul Awlawiyyat
  • Interreligious Relations
  • Islam in Authenticity & Development
  • Islam in business practice, culture, education & democracy
  • Islam in Higher Learning, Humanities & International relations
  • Islamic Astronomy
  • Islamic Banking Finance and Economic
  • Islamic medicine
  • Maqasid al syariah
  • Medieval and Modern Studies
  • Philosophy Islamic civilization and theology
  • Principle of wasatiyyah, Waqaid Fiqhiyyah, Qur'anic studies & Syariah Jucial System
  • Theory and Method in Islamic Studies

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